About Us

We are providing a platform of information related house plans. Because of our personal keen interest to provide low cost and affordable housing plan time to time we share some of the best house plans. Our learning from the years of experience has helped us to create low cost techniques.

This is said that getting professional assistance has always been considered as an expensive proposition but here we are presenting the perfect exception of the above statement. The plans are free of cost but designs have been developed just awesome.

We Understand What You Need

We understand that the house is just not a place of stay but it is where events of life takes place over generations, So, if you want to build a house that can present your strong position in society and you can survive your whole life then this is just best.

If at present you not ready for cost to build, but you want to get a general idea of estimated construction cost then Acha home can help you. The estimated building cost of every plans is given and this is what the exactly cost of building the home under the motioned plan.

Which company provides free of cost house plans

When you browse our plans that will make you think that these houses are very luxurious but fact is that these houses are very affordable. And also as you don’t have to pay anything for taking our plan so by it will decrease also your house building cost. Under our every plan we are tried to include some unique features and designs.

There is an expert team of designers at Acha home who are dedicated to help people. So, dream is yours and we take responsibility to complete it. And trust us we will not take anything for this.