Thursday, April 25, 2024

The following terms and condition govern all use of home plans at Acha Homes and all the content, service as well as product. The website is offered subject to your acceptance without single modification in all the terms and conditions. This contains all other rules, policies and procedures which may be published time to time on the site. We would like to request you to read this agreement carefully before using the website. And by assessing any part of the site, you agree with our all terms and condition, if not then you cannot access our site.

An Overview Not to Build

Our plans are just to estimate your cost and look for designed not for construction. The plan you find at our site this allows you to review your home in great detail before you start construction work. You can just to obtain overall estimates for materials and labour but you cannot except to form the home in the same way.

We are not Seller but Sharer

As we have already mentioned that the plans you get on our site is free of cost and we do not charge anything for it. We are just sharer so, we want to make it clears as well that we do not sell or purchase any design we just share and none can claim for any payment related matter on us.

Copy Right Information

All the pictures placed on website are taken from Google so if you find any picture that belongs from your site and you want to remove it from our site, then you just give us a mail on [email protected] and we will remove it.

No Guarantee for Content

We give no guarantee or warranty the content or use of blue print so changes can made at time without any prior notice.