General Details
Total Area : 972 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms : 2
Type :vastu north face house map 18X54
Style : Contemporary

At present, there are huge numbers of vastu experts in our country in which some of them are really
known and most of them will be fraud. So, don’t get confuse when you find these experts do proper
enquiry. We are also working in this regard you can take our help also. As we time to time share new
thing with people this time we have shared vastu map 18X54 North face plan.
How to Build North Face House
As per the plan the balcony should in North or east. The bathroom should be located in East and if
this is not possible then the next best direction for bathroom is north. As staircase is considered a
heavy part so it is preferred that the stairs should be in South or West direction. This is good for the
harmony in your house to have even numbers of pillars. Also like pillars try that you house have even
number of doors.
We make you sure that this vastu map 18X54 North face will really be very helpful for you. Every
part of the house is well planned and as per the vastu. If you get