1066 Square feet Single Floor 2 Bedroom Cute Home


Single floor 2 bedroom cute home

If you are looking for house designing you have a small family then our single floor 2 bedrooms cute home is good to you. As this is a small house obviously the cost will be lower. Under the plan house is to build in 1066 square feet. We have modern house plans it offers a wide range off floor plan.


Exclusive Way of House Building

The single floor 2 bedrooms cute home plan is for a single family house which is to build in one floors having one kitchen and dining. If you are little bit confuse regarding our plans then just don’t worry. Learn as much as you want to get information about home plans. We are proud saying that our plans are world class and the design you get if in best quality.

All our plans are designed in exclusive way with the help of experienced team of designer and architect. As the plans are free of cost, in the same way the modification is also free of cost. You can make any kind of change in our plan. The great windows designs and outdoor living areas will help you to connect you to nature and give your house a very nice look.This plan is well executed by Mohammed kutty

Image Credit:keralahomedesignz.com


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