11000 Square Feet Three Floor Appartment Style Amazing Home Design


We have been building custom homes for a long time. And proudly we can say that we have delivered only the best delivery that bought smile on the face of our customer.  We get excited when matter comes about crate some new and modern designs for the happiness of people. Come and visit our fabulous design of collection that will from your dream house in proper way. Our company is thrilled to build the latest and new house in most prestigious way.  We are a complete team of designers and professional owned and operated by expert and experienced professionals. Under our project each home is built with complete care as this is our own home. 11000 square feet three floor apartment plan is one of our best home plans it covers 4 apartments with 2 bedrooms each in ground floor including living room, dining room and kitchen as well.

We would like to take pride that we are fully energy efficient and showpiece for each member of the our team. In the date of today there is a very long list of our clients who are totally satisfied with our work and prefer other for the same, so don’t miss this chance get your home now.This plan is well executed by Affordable Home Designs from Dream Space Designers Pvt Ltd




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