15 feet by 60 feet Home Plan Everyone Will Like



General Details
Total Area : 900 Square Feet or 15 by 60
Total Bedrooms :3
Style : Modern

Our latest plan is a single floored with 15 feet by 60 feet home plan everyone will like and this is our guarantee.  The plan is built in 900 square feet or it can be said as 15 feet by 60. Our team carries the indelible imprint of our world class interior design that is able to bring a satisfied smile on the face of people. Our furnishing identities to internal space give such a look that brings our company on some higher place in comparison with that of other companies. Because of our complement and commitment in the date of today we are brand for home building and people want to experience our expertise.

There is a skilled and well trained team of designers, builders and workers all of them are able to deftly hand the customization of each need in every project. We not only make changes how you want but with customization but also you get expert advice that how your own designs can be implemented in best way.  Our clients say about our service that it is executed by the team and completed within the committed time for the complete satisfaction of client in affordable cost.



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