26×46 Fts South Facing House Design Plan in India


It’s extremely important to design your house plan before you start the construction of your dream house.

Before you start building your house, it is very crucial to be aware of the things you are going to include in your house.

These are some simple questions you can ask yourself while designing your house plan:

26 feet by 46 house plan

  1. What and How many facilites I want in my house to be present?
  2. What is my budget?
  3. What are the facilites that I might need in the near future?
  4. How many people I am building this house for?
  5. Am I going to give it someday for rent?
  6. How many rooms I need as well as bathrooms and kitchen?

These are some basic questions that will help you draw your house plan in a proper way.

This was the intro, now lets dive into the basics in brief.

What is a House Design Plan?

“Before we start construction of the house, we keep a rough estimation of how we are going to build our house; what facilities are we going to include. These things are mentioned in a map called ‘House Design Plan’.”

House design plan contains the basic information about how our house look like when it is ready. It’s like a blueprint.

What are the basic elements of House Design Plan?

These are some basic things that are included in a home plan.

  1. Main Road
  2. Main Gate
  3. Verandah/Hall
  4. Parking Space
  5. Kitchen
  6. Dining Space
  7. Bedrooms
  8. Pooja Ghar
  9. Backyard
  10. Gallery

House Plan for 26*46 South Facing House in India

This is the house plan for south facing house in india of size 26*46 area.

  1. Main Road- Main road is in south. In rest of the three direction there is other properties.
  2. Main Gate- We enter in from the main gate.
  3. Car Porch- It’s size is 8’4″ by 15’10”.
  4. Garden- On the left garden size is 13′ by 5 fts.
  5. Entrance- Then there is entrance after car parking.
  6. Living Room– As we enter into the house there is living room at very first of size 12′ by 16′.
  7. Passage- Then we go forward there is passage of size 3’10 inches.
  8. Bathrooms- Then there are bathrooms. 5.11′ by 4′.
  9. Kitchen- Then on the left of the bathrooms there is kitchen of size 8’5″ by 10′.
  10. Bedrooms- Then we as move forward in the gallery there are two bedrooms of size 12’9″ each.
  11. Attached Bathroom- Then on the corner of one bedroom there is an attached washroom. It could be used by guests.
  12. Backyard/Balcony- Then on the most back, there is a balcony or empty space of 17′ by 3 fts.

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So this was the house plan for 26*46 size house. Hope it helped you. If you have any doubts ask us in the comment section. We are always ready to help ya.


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