5 Best Modern Curtain Design Ideas you Should Try this Year


There are many types and designs of curtains which help in increasing the aesthetics of the doors or windows of your houses and offices. Curtains are utilized in many places of your houses such as living rooms, bedrooms,kitchen,balcony, and many more. This is the reason why do people love to purchase such curtains which are eye catching and match the decors of the rooms where it is hanged.

Wood working Curtains design ideas

On the other hand, choosing the correct curtain design with right fabric is still a tough choice for many people. Thus, to help you select the best curtain ideas for you, we are here with this guide which fully talks about the various modern curtain ideas that you should try at your offices or homes this year.

All the below mentioned style of curtains are available online as well online thus getting them will not at all be the issue for you. So, now let us begin by knowing the idea number one regarding modern curtain designs.

Pencil pleat curtain

There are end numbers of curtain designs for living room door but above all, the pencil pleat curtains are the best suited for the drawing room area. It is mainly because pencil pleat curtain is a very innovative design and you can see the creative pleats all over the curtain when you hang them. Some common design which you can opt for in this pattern are- colourful layers design carved on the curtain starting from left to right or right to left giving a illusion kind ‘a look to the viewer.

Pocket style curtain

This is the new one and in the trend these days where you can see pockets in the curtains and not at the back of your jeans. Moreover, kind of squeezed stitching is done on such curtains to give that look where pocket of the curtains can be seen. Generally, monochrome colors and designs are used for such curtains to increase the beauty of the pattern. It perfectly suits the door curtains because the design is more visible when it is longer in length.

Eyelet design of curtains

If you want to make your room theme look more sophisticated and elegant at the same time then, you should certainly opt for this design. The overall curtain is white in shade and you can see the lining designs in different colors at the top of the curtain.

Tab top style of curtain

In this pattern of curtain the top side of the curtain is basically rolled over and on the other side, tabbed as well with colorful buttons in the front. Thus, in short this design is well known as tab top curtain. But usually such curtains are plain and have borders of the same color which is used for making the button.

Sheer style curtains

These curtains have light weighted fabric and are one of the modern designs of the curtain. You can create the downfall layering with two extra curtains placing it at the rod of the curtain. Use light color like white which will be perfect color of the curtain placed in between the two downfall curtain.

It was all about the 5 modern curtain design ideas which are currently trending this year.


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