5 Smart Ideas to Give Your Bedroom a Futuristic Look


5 Smart Ideas To Give Your bedroom A Futuristic Look!

Your bedroom is the only place where you wake up every morning with the thought, that something will go wonderful today, this place start your day so it  deserves a special decoration. Whether you have small or big size bedroom we have got some excellent 5 smart bedroom ideas which can make your day and could bring peace to your mind. Read on to know the bedroom treasure.

Keep the bedroom walls light and bright

White and cream colour’s give your bedroom sophisticated and spectacular  look. These colours are your best bet to make your space seem more brighter.  The medium tone colours are ideal because it won’t go with the room furniture and entire room will look similar.

Darker room always need colours which are more saturated, since there is less like to be reflected of the colour, which means one has to look for bright colours for walls to give  relaxation to their eyes. The light colours in the room reduces the need  to bring the light on all the time. The white and cream colour can give your bedroom the stylish and simple look of combination, no other colours can bring that peace of mind to you as much as these colour’s can.

Add storage under the bed

Women’s always needs a lot of things to store, specially it is very awkward to see the blankets  around the bed  and somewhere in the bedroom shelves.  Other than the blanket you need to have a lot of extra storage space, that can hold up well and look good as well.

If you are going to order a bed or buying it from any shop,  you must consider a bed with drawers which can easily come out.  These convenient drawers will make your life easy and the first job after waking up will become easier. Now folding the sheet will not annoy you anymore.

Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper attracts you  and your partner towards your bedroom,  a perfect wallpaper and a perfect picture handed on it, gives your bedroom adorable look.  But wallpaper colour choice must be considered first before applying it.  Your wallpaper colour should always match the bed sheet of the bedroom along with the curtains and furniture otherwise you will have to face matchless bedroom criticism.

Other than adding a wallpaper you can go for texture on the walls  but consider only one wall for texture,  do not do any experiment on POP, if you want your bedroom to look sophisticated.

Show your creativity with floating shelves

The floating versatile shelves works for attractive decoration pieces.  For women’s who loves shopping can buy lots of showpieces for these  shelves,  and can decorate them as per their choice by shuffling their positions.

Some floating shelf ideas includes

  • The book case
  • A laptop desk
  • An entry table by the door
  • One night stand replacement
  • A place to hold collection for model colourful boxes for clothing and accessories

Comfortable sleep

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