We are famous in designing and building stylish and contemporary home plans. Our houses are most affordable and very nice by using top quality materials and experienced builders. We are working not just to build new houses; actually we build new homes for the big outdoor media room for family and many more things. Being an expert company we are consistently delivering most stylish and amazing houses that are totally tailored to your lifestyle as well as budget. All the houses build by our company are enhanced to cater for the requirements of the aging population and of those with mobility impairments.

The homes are built for easy movement both inside and out and seamless operation in all the aspect of our daily living. We take proud saying that all the houses that we are building all of them are able to meet the life mark standard for usability, adaptability and also accessibility. This is a modern floor home plan designed and builds in 2327 square feet. It includes bedrooms, attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. You will be really happy after watching kitchen and the estimated cost for the house is only 30 lakh.