Beautiful Home Plan Below Twenty Lakhs Everyone Will Like


The most beautiful home plan that has been rebuilt and reconfigured being its period façade in order to provide the unique below twenty lakhs that everyone will like. Under this plan you will be get some unique and stylish home that forms part of a large and desirable home. This house has large, spacious rooms are complimented with latest technology. Our beautiful but affordable home plan compromises large master bedrooms with fine living areas and kitchen that you really like so much. Here, we are totally focused on the client so we offer one stop shop services because of our trusted team. And, to make it possible we listen what and how our clients want to their home, these entire things make each of home designed by us are different and unique.

The mantra of our service is very simple that is luxury design at very affordable costs. And working on this mantra we explore new and latest methods so that we can create something new and include it in your dream home, but we want to make you sure that you this is will very cost effective. Make your home with us, trust us you will be fully satisfied.

Civil Works Approximate Cost : (Flooring,Plastering, Manufacturers,Labour Charges) 16,69,744.00
Door and Windows Approximate Cost : 124,358.00
Flooring Approximate Cost : 118,154.00
Painting Approximate Cost : 122,354.00
Steel Trims with Roofing Approximate Cost : 2,37,624.00
Plumbing Approximate Cost : 12,001
Electrical Approximate Cost 167000.00
Others Approximate Cost (Furniture, Plot Cleaning, Well Cleaning etc. : 57,001.00
Total :5000000
Bedrooms :2:
Bathroom :2
Living Room
Dining Room
Work Area


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