Beautiful Low Budget Home Plan Everyone Will Like


Being a specialist residential builder for years, we have created a lot of home plans with numerous designs and at very affordable budget. Our home plans come in all shapes, sizes and scale and layouts, so you can choose any of the beautiful home plans that suited you best. The people who are working with us all of them are try to create some new and unique designs that give our fresh look every time. They are proud of the positive impact that our work has for society. The main thing for thousands of people across India are coming here is that what we offer is simply beautiful home plans at very affordable cost. In order to work ensure the best quality of our service our team works with the local construction. We with our whole team give best so that our company can get its approach that is the maximum benefit of customer. Trust us we are expert in creating nice interior design to exterior designs that are really differ from the common theme. Here, you will get only modern house plans that include all features of present world, and also we are able to create different types of designs for extensive communities.

Planning and sketch of architect Acharya Mr. Thachanathu Sudhakaran.

The construction method:

Required space: 6 Cents

Pathramanam: 6 .8cm

Floor height: 56 cm

Height of height from bottom: 368 cm

Area of the house: 50 feet

Area of the wall: 6.5 cm

Base change: 6.7 cm


  • Sit out
  • Living room
  • Dining Hall
  • Bedrooms :2
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen




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