Best 7 Ideas to Design the Entrance Hall of your Home


When building a house everyone make sure that the courtyard is attractive. But what exactly welcome someone to home is the Entrance Hall.! When entering into the hall we should feel freshness, calm and happy.

Here.. we are presenting Best 7 ideas to design the entrance hall of your home.


There are some important things you should keep in your mind when arranging the entrance hall, The number one is the Light. Nowadays the big Windows are really trendy, so you can maximize the usage of the light and light colour curtains allow more light into the room. So you don’t have to use tube light or bulb in the morning.

light for entrance hall


 The second thing is the colour, the light colours are really welcomes not only light into house but also it gives a larger look to the room, You can compliment the light colours with using their combination in the other items like carpet, furniture, curtains,etc.

color for entrance hall


 The reason why we all love to spend most of our time in homes, is because it is comfy in there. So arranging entrance hall, it is important to consider both guests and inhabitants of the house that they are comfortable the way how the hall is. You may thing that sofa is the an avoidable factor for the entrance hall, but for a change you can move out the sofa and bring ‘Divan’ in your hall, which was a trendy furniture in 1990’s. Everyone can sit comfortably in Divans, you can add small cushions on it, in cushion cover you can use your creativity as well.

Best 7 Ideas to Design the Entrance Hall of your Home

4.Indoor Plants

 It became a trend that everyone bringing green in their house today.  That is actually really good. We live in a busy world with lot of stress, work tension, and especially polluted cities, so bringing plants inside your entrance hall will calm your mind and give you freshness, energy, and it will clean the indoor air.

If you want to keep a lot of plants in your house, one recommendation that we have for you is use such baskets to hide the ugly pot of the plants and also if you using the pot or plants in the basket, you can use a drainage plate underneath. So what will happen, whenever you add water the extra water will come and settle in that drainage plate. Other wise there will be a fungus problem in your basket.

Apart from using drainage plates you can also look for washable options because when you put a plant of course it get dirty, you can try a variety of baskets available in market. Recently Jute and Cotton rope baskets are super trendy and very easy to wash. The another tip is if you wanna keep plants indoors, you can use ceramic pots as well, that can give an elegant look to the plants. But ceramic pots are really heavy we can’t lift them , it is really time consuming to clean the pots . So you don’t need to plant the plants directly into those ceramic pots. Just put the plants with the small plastic pots that come from nursery. So whenever you need to water the plants take them out, and water it, let the water drip out, and bring it back.

plant for entrance hall

5.Gallery Wall

For today’s standard a gallery wall is essential for every house. The Gallery wall should be in that space, where the everyone’s eyes will reach. You can put frame of your family pictures, or you can download the picture of the thing you like from the internet and put that in the gallery wall. A plenty of frames will look so good in the wall, around 10-20 frames are available in online markets as well.

Gallery Wall for entrance hall

6.Centre Table

We can make centre table as the main element of the entrance hall. You can try various ideas in the roof of the table. Marble top center table is a great option, another amazing table top idea is wood-slice table top, that will create a stunning look to your entrance hall. Both these table tops are available in online markets.

Centre table for entrance hall

7.T.V Unit

Most probably what we do in our entrance hall is that we welcome our guests. We makes them to be seated, serves coffee or other drinks. And will have some chit chats. So to manage the entrance hall well  the TV unit is very essential . Wall mounted TV units are in many kinds, we can set up a large TV on the wall . It can change the overall look big the  hall. Also we can place some kinds of  decorating things to organise it in such a wonderful manner.



So, Here we see all the Best 7 Ideas to Design the Entrance Hall of your Home. All designer which are mentioned in this article is the best entrance hall design ideas Pinterest. 



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