An Overview of 25 Feet by 40 Trending House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

3BHK Modern home design
3BHK Modern home design

It’s difficult to specify housing in the modern times. If housing is a need, it should meet one’s basic demands. Take the model of the average man. He spends all his funds and savings to purchase a house. While doing so he makes sure that the house meets his necessities in terms of area, fund plan, sphere, locality, decoration, etc.  Home is the spot where when you have to go there, it will surely take you inside it. With achievement of so many house projects, we have always moved towards the leading belief of ‘Attribute in Our Construction Standards and a considerable Unity’. Our aim has always been to provide Area that stand as a good value for money with good airing and earthy lights to intensify an optimistic and positive energy in the houses. And to provide you with the best we have reverend a Modern House design, amalgamated by a loyalty to individuality, contemporary and progressive design to provide you an array of Modern and Contemporary properties for sale.

3BHK Modern home plan
ground floor plan

To detail the quality of our name further we bring to you a beautiful Modern House spread across 25*40 square feet to keep your prefabricated dream alive. This fair yet inexpensive modern house will not only be perfect but it will make you awestruck in it’s building but also in the Use of the 25*40 sq. feet area that it render to intensify your well-being.

Essential Characteristics of this Modern House Plan are:

  • 1000 sq. feet
  • 3 Roomy Bedroom Well-constructed Bathroom
  • A large Drawing Room
  • A Living area complemented by a dining area
  • A well curated Kitchen
  • An open space
  • A nice porch
  • 3bhk modern home plan
    first floor plan
  • The Plan aims at making the best use of space to suit the needs of the family in the best and the most cost-efficient way possible. It presents a 3 BHK house with a smart edifice. The bedrooms are well constructed with an amazing bathrooms for the customer’s comfort. The Drawing room and the living space will be a mix of charm and innovation. They say images are worth a thousand words, we present you an opportunity to create beautiful, memorable images with our home but for that you have to make it your home.

    Get hold of this amazing home at cost of just Rupees 40 lakhs.

    Sounds in your budget? ‘We precisely know how to attain an equality between superiority and affordability which is why we convey to you our amazing 25 feet by 40 3BHK Modern House Plan which you can make your own at  just 40 lakhs’

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