Two Bedrooms Small House Plan Everyone Will Like


Are you looking for a beautiful small house? Then definitely this plan is for you. Sometimes small houses are suitable if we have a small family. Small houses are easily maintainable and economical.

While going to this design it is a single storied house with two bedrooms. The roof is hip shaped and grey in color. The grey color of the roof is perfectly matching with the white walls. The designed red brick pillars give an additional give a wonderful look to the entire construction.

From the front door it is entering to the receiving area. The living room is very spacious enough to accommodate your guests hassle free. Both bedrooms are well furnished and have enough space too.

In this design the doors and windows are designed in glass. The use of glass gives an additional charm. There is a verandah with hand rail is provided here. It is a very good place to relax yourself watching the outside scenery of nature.

The garden is designed amazingly with grassy meadows and paved bricks. There are small plants occupied in the garden and the grey brick paved floor doubles the charm of the house.

In total if you are looking for a cute house for your cute family this plan is for you.

General Details
Total Bedrooms : 2
Type : single Floor



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