1075 Square Feet Beautiful Home Design With 2 Bedrooms


1075 square feet house plan is the best selection for those people who are looking for a medium size home. The combination of small and big will define the beauty of your house. Because under this plan if you want something built in your house then your home will have space enough to offer ample living space but it will be also small enough to manage and maintain.

General Details
Total Area : 1075 Square Feet (100 square meter)
Total Bedrooms : 2
Type :Single floor
Style : Modern

This plan is well executed by Mohammed kutty

Image Credit:keralahomedesignz.com


Have a Complete and Wonderful House

So, if you are looking for this kind of low budget home plan then go for our 1075 square feet beautiful home design.These plans are very nice and spacious enough.The house is to be built in 1075 square feet; this house will have a porch, sit out, 2 wonderful bedrooms with attached bathroom, living room, and kitchen, and also a work area.

The budget is approx. 15 lakh; you can also cut down your overall cost by cutting some extra expenditure.


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