12 feet by 11 Double Floor Modern Home Design


Image Credit;kmhp.in

General Details
Total Area : 1580 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms : 3
Type : Double Floor
Style :Modern

1580 Square Feet Double Floor Modern Home Design

This modern beautiful and stylish plan is designed to be built in 1580 square feet or 12 feet by 11.5 and estimation construction cost depended on the  Size and Type of Construction Project,Government policy,Inflation factor,Construction Material Cost and Labor Wage Rates.This home plan successful completed by Jibin John.

The main feature of this plan includes  Car garage, Dining room,Living room,Open,terrace,Outdoor rooms,Dining room,Drawing room, Balcony,General Bedroom,Kitchen,Master Bedroom,Sit out and Work area,Guest suite,Main floor bedrooms,Split bedrooms, Upstairs master bedrooms,Walk in closet,Breakfast nook,Carport porte cochere,Kitchen island,Peninsula eating bar,Parlor,Upstairs laundry.Furniture is exceptionally open and raised off the floor taking into consideration a vaporous inclination. Dividers are frequently white adding to the broad feeling. Present day insides for the most part have exposed floors and if zone carpets are utilized, they are ordinarily fleece, and impartial in shading. Insights of shading were utilized as a part of balance. We by and large allude to present day insides as retro nowadays. Here are a few cases of Modern Interior Design.


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