2000 Square Feet 4BHK Double Floor Contemporary Home Design

2000 Square Feet 4BHK Double Floor Contemporary Home Design
2000 Square Feet 4BHK Contemporary Home Design

Sacred Space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell. Sacred Space can be found in Good Housing Plan.


Good Housing can be defined as a home well planned, hygienic and healthy enough for proper living of the occupant of the house.
Good-quality housing is a key element for ensuring a healthy village. Poor housing can lead to many health problems, and is associated with infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis), stress and depression. Everyone should therefore have access to good-quality housing and a pleasant home environment that makes them happy and content. Specific aspects of housing quality are described in the following sections. To provide you with a Good and Modern, Contemporary Housing we have come up with a stunning 2000 square Feet 4BHk Double Floor House to give ample space to your living and lifestyle.

General Details
Total Area : 2000 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms : 4
Type : double Floor
Style : Modern
Construction cost : 40 lakhs

Plan Price : As per your requirements

Plan Package Include

Delivery Time:within 5 business working days.For more information  please contact me.

Mail : [email protected]

  • Important Specifications: Your Beautiful, Stylish and trendy home comprises of Three Amazing Bedrooms along with three beautiful bathrooms, One Kitchen, an airy balcony, One Spacious Lobby and a Wide Drawing. Sounds amazing right! Trust us, the actual experience will be much better than this since houses are for life long and we focus only on how to make your lives better by providing a better living space. Home calls for comfort and positivity and we tend to create such an atmosphere for you along with an essence of style in it as we understand that your home is a living space not a storage space. This two sided deal of wishes and fulfilment would cost you just Rupees 40 lakhs.
  • Your home should tell the story of who you are and what you love and we have tried our best to assemble all your likings at the cost of Rupees 40 Lakhs. This stylish mash-up of Contemporary and ultra-modern house would cost you just 40 lakhs. There is nothing to think much for it as this home is created only to inspire you to go out and do great things and then come back for refreshment at your trendsetting home.

Home is the Heart of Life and we know how to preserve your Heart.


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