25 Feet by 50 Modern House Plan With 4 Bedrooms



In this busy arena of 21st century which comprises of a hustle day,long hours of work and a zillion tasks to perform that takes away all the peace from our souls.  Returning from that tiring place of work to a peaceful and aesthetic 4 bhk contemporary, modern house is all what one dreams of. To fulfil your dream we bring to you, a beautiful 25 feet by 50 (1250 Square feet) modern house that is not only cute from outside but practical from inside to promote a sustainable living. Modern house plans are greatly prevalent in light of the fact that they function admirably in warm and breezy atmospheres, they can be economical to fabricate and they frequently permit division of rooms on either side of normal ‘innovative’ space.

General Details
Total Area : 1250 Square Feet (25 feet by 50)
Total Bedrooms : 4
Type : Double Floor
Style : Modern
Plan Price : 4999 INR

Plan Package Include

  • 2D Floor Plan
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • 3D Elevation
  • Interior View

Delivery Time:within 5 business working days.For more information  please contact me

Mail : [email protected]

What Does The Modern House Comprise Of?

The Modern House comprises of two spacious bedrooms, one kitchen, a drawing room, a lobby and  an innovative parking space along with a few other compact surprises along the way. Such comfortable home has all the makings of a charming space. The inside offers a minimalistic approach that makes use of every inch of it’s construction. This fabulous gem of a home had us grinning in admiration of every aspect of it’s perfect little layout- great homes really do come in 4 BHKs,2 BHK in each floor and 4 bathrooms. Turn your monotonous life into a life long vacation with these stunning 4bhk modern houses.

How Much Does The Modern House Cost?

There is an immense beauty hidden in simplicity. Such house that one can proudly call its own is available at approximate construction cost (See How to reduce construction cost in India? 7 Effective Tips To Reduce Construction Cost) price of Rupees 35 lakhs. Fulfil your dream of a charming, resplendent 4bhk house in a peaceful setting  just at the cost of 35 lakhs.To turn this house into a beautiful home your presence is awaited. For a better you, make a better living.




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