List of Best 1000 Square Feet Modern Home Plan with 2 Bedrooms


An Amazing deal of a 1000 square feet 2 Bhk Modern House Plan

1000 square feet 2 Bhk Modern House Plan
1000 square feet 2 Bhk Modern House Plan

One can compromise on everything but not on 3 things- Shelter, Food and Clothing. What if we tell you that we have  the most Outstanding Plan for you to provide you with a stunning, modern and a dreamy Shelter. Your own Modern house. Well, we feel that every dream should become a reality which is why we have made an amazing plan to fulfill your dream. Our Modern House Plan is built in an are of 1000 square Feet with 2 bedrooms which have ample space for catering to all your lifestyle needs. It will surely fulfill your want of a trendy living. A 2BHK house is a completely unblemished and perfect area for an inventive modern house.

  • 2 spacious stunning Bedrooms
  • Bedrooms with attached beautiful bathrooms
  • A well planned kitchen
  • A spacious hall and dining room
  • A well-constructed lobby complemented by balcony with an amazing view

This type of house is intended with the purpose of dropping the environmental footmark. Huge houses takes away the exquisiteness of living among huge number of people while 2 bhk houses helps one to keep wide-awake that communal animal that every man has within him. The idea of the Modern House Plan is to support and confirm an ecological living. The Modern House comprises of a comfortable, relaxing set of two stunning bedrooms with more than enough space for your well being, it comprises of one kitchen, a drawing room, a lobby and an effectual parking space. Such contented home has all the makings of a delightful space. Every corner of such a great construction gives the sense of happy and comforting existence.

Worrying about the price right? Well, you don’t have to, this amazing house comes at the price of Rupees 30 lakhs only. Modern House is a merger of a heartening yet cost-effective, lifestyle. Such a bright and beautiful house comes at a great price of Rupees 30 lakhs. Get ready to amalgam yourself in a place of tranquillity, priced at just 30 lakhs. A 2BHK house is considered a perfect living for all sort of families. It stands on the virtue of “the secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more or less, but in developing the capacity to enjoy everything and everywhere .” Not all dreams fulfil so if you are getting a chance to fulfil your dream of living in this 1000 square feet Modern House Plan, do not miss it in any case.

Enjoy in your Modern Home for a Modern and Classy Living.

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