Modern 10 ideas of fences and fences to give security to your house


Constructing fencing around your compound is the best way to protect your house, family and belongings. But while making fence we give equally importance for the beauty also. A professionally designed fence will make your home outstanding.

Normally fences are constructing using blocks or iron bars. But the designing make them strong and beautiful for your dream home.

The creamy wall with a designed pillar seems very attractive in the background of the green garden. Black iron made fencing is much suitable for your office building.

Sometimes simple iron made fencing can give a magic look for your home. The calling bell and the paper racks can be kept on the fencing.

The steel edges kept on the brick walls could provide more protection. Sometimes the structures with different colors seem very charming for the creamy colored fencing. If a part of your iron fencing is in dark wood color, keep white colored flower pots to keep the plants. That would make a perfect blending of colors.

Keep some hanging plants on your fencing or put a park bench on your garden if you like the beauty of the nature. It is s a better way to have a cup of hot coffee in twilights.





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