Stunning 3BHK Stylish House Plan at just 20 Lakhs

2000 Square Feet Modern House Plan

A View of a 2000 Square Feet Modern House Plan

To feast your eyes and to feed your dream we have come up with a Stunning Modern House Plan with beautiful surroundings, a serene environment and an economical cost. Just think a physical thing. Our designers make your aesthetic design dreams and internet house pictures, a reality.

What is the first thing that you notice when you look at a House? The calmness and the authenticity in the location and in a single breath and in a blink of eye you decide it to be your dream home. But how many of you actually get to experience this precious dream of yours, not many for sure. But our builders know how to maintain their years long legacy and your dreams matter to us as much as you matter to us and to fulfil your dream we bring to you a 2000 square feet Modern House Plan that is a perfect blend of contemporary and authentic outlook. In a box of 2000 square feet we strive hard towards perfection to give you the highest satisfaction.

General Details
Total Area : 2000 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms : 3
Type : double Floor
Style : Modern
Construction cost : 20 lakhs

If you need construction of this house please contact me.

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The Specifications of Our Modern House Plan are:

House Builders like us who regularly make homes knows exactly what you require in a house without doing a hole in your pocket. This 2000 square feet house has 2 spacious bedrooms to give ample space to your beautiful family with attached bathrooms in each and every room and an alluring kitchen. These features are complemented by a large drawing room, a living area and a dinning hall. Since “we carry our homes within is which enable us to fly”, we truly understand yours expectations with our House Plans.

Each Penny is worth for this Modern House: The cost of this Modern House is just Rupees 20 lakhs. The beautiful canvas of innovation and evolution in the field of architecture is truly evident in our houses. What are you thinking, if it’s worth or not? There is nothing to give a second thought to this as we have always maintained a balance between the budget and the structure of our Modern House. What are you waiting for? A shocking low price and an amazing Modern House, a Bombastic Deal to grab. Our Modern House is an amalgamation of Visual Art and Smoothness filled with photogenic views, just waiting for your million dollar smiles and commencement of creation of great, beautiful memories.



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