Style Your Drawing Room With The 5 Best Design And Decoration Ideas


Drawing room is the room where you and your family spend most of the time together. Also, it is the place which is remembered by most your guests when they actually visit your home for the first time. It seems to leave the first impression about you and your house in front of your guests. In this way, we totally understand that you definitely don’t want to make your first impression go bad. And hence we have created the list of ideas which can help you design your living room in the best way possible.


These days’ people often seek such designs for their living room, which is more stylish and trending. And it is obvious because who does not like going with the trend and make their house look trendy.  Thus, here we present the 5 most modern designs for your living room, which can make your guests heart skips the beat.

5 Top most design ideas for living area of houses

Add colors to floor with the white background

White goes with everything as people say but white background walls goes best with colorful flooring, or carpets in different colors. For this theme you can select some neutral staples such as coffee tables, sofa, etc complimenting your white background. The colorful flooring adds more colorful energy to the place and vibrant pieces of arts like wall painting will increase the stylish statement of your living room.

Bold wallpapers

Using wallpapers at the background walls are increasing day by day and the choice of designs in it are endless. Moreover, it is the most trending designs which people are opting these days for their living room as well as for the other rooms of the house as well. Plus, the choice is also there that you can select the image of your favorite personalities which will help you define your interest via your living room walls. Then you can match your furniture according to the theme of the wallpaper you select which will best represent your drawing room new look.

Add some statement lightnings  

It is the best design which suits for the people who want to make their drawing room look glamorous and not too showy. In this theme the minimum brass accents will do its job of making the living room looks amazing. For a matter of fact you can include some attractive metallic lighting with the metal framed round center table, a place for decorative items, etc.

Modern art with dramatic ceiling

If you want to add a little drama to your drawing room decor then what’s better than trying some modern art design wall paintings and ceilings in it. It really acts as a big statement in the small living room areas. Furthermore, it also does not demand much of the space, and at the same time it transforms the visual appearance of the room beautifully.

Try some miss matched patterns at the room

Forget coordination and color combination and go mismatch this time. It is much eye catchy to look at such designs and it is also longer to remember. So, differ the couch, table, chair, rugs, and wall paint colors and add a little complexity at the place with this pattern mixing theme.

These were some of the designs that will perfectly suit your living room decor ideas this year.


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