5 Most Attractive House Main Door Design Ideas


One of the first and important things about your house is the main door of your house. Neighbor, guest, buyers, everyone notices the main gate when they enter your home. No matter how attractive or fabulous inside of your house. If the main door is not looking good then maybe you will not get so much praise or dull your impression. So basically the main door is the first impression of your home. So how can you forget that you have to maintain it to maintain your dignity also? In this article, you will know about some ideas that you should apply to the main door.

uniqe door design ideas

Important house’s main door design ideas


Most of the people forget front door and don’t paint for several years that’s why it looks dull. So this is the easiest and quickest way to renovate your house main door. Select an exterior paint design according to your door types. On the market, you can get many types of paints and primers for fiberglass, steels, and wood door surface. The gloss and semi gloss color are durable and it can resist scratches and nicks and show better color.   Before the painted door, you need to apply primer and then wait for dry. Protect door from dirt, dust, while it dries. When the primer dried you can paint the door.


5 Most Attractive House Main Door Design Ideas

Metal front door idea

The metal door is also the best option for an artisan look for door. You can select the black steel front door with glass, look different. Another one is copper and the stainless steel metal front door is also a great choice if you want to impress your guests or friends. The combination of wood and steel provides a unique design and look of the front door.

metal front door

Glass front doors with featuring glass side panel

One of the trendy and freshest doors is a double door design. And change the one door into standard door size with glass side panel. This front door idea provides more lights into the entrance therefore you can save your money to purchase larger or double front doors. The glass front also includes the design like a mirrored glass side panel with a wood door. In this door owner easily see outside through the glass. But passerby can’t see inside’s activity through this glass and also provide the antique look.

glass front door design ideas

Steel atrium doors

This is another design for the house main door. In the steel atrium doors, you find the black steel grid and glass work. In this design, you can find many types like steel atrium doors that surrounded by glass.


Pivot doors

The pivot doors are the best way and trendy design for the house main door. This type of design is best for this location where the door jamb is not possible. Or where the door is heavy, the pivot door is easy to open or simple.

Wood and glass panel main door

If you want to enhance the contemporary look and home’s architecture then the wood and glass panel door is the best solution. Select the frosted, etched or other types of glass design so passerby can’t recognize what’s going on inside.


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