Tips to Maintain Your Antique Interiors and Furniture


Antique interior and furniture hold a sentimental value for every being. Not only do they make your spaces look sophisticated but also tasteful.

But despite being elegant, they require care and maintenance to a great extent.

There are a variety of leading Antique interior design ideas in India that can be incorporated into your homes to make them a part of your antique home interior design.

With time, the quality of antique products degrades. To maintain quality, this article will provide you with some handy tips. Below given are some points that you should keep in your mind to keep your Antique house designs in a good shape:

  1. Removing Stuck on Stains with steel wool:

Steel wool is used to clean tough stains from Antique interior images and Antique interior design. These aid in removing glue or adhesives and many other strong strains from your Antique house interiors. For this, you are required to lubricate your Rustic interior design with a relevant spray and then make use of super fine steel wool to clean it.

2. Using Murphy’s oil soap:

It is one of the best ways to reinstate your Modern Antique interior designs. It helps to keep your vintage items look new and maintained. This product is readily available in the market. For applying on your Antique house designs, You have to make a mixture of oil soap with water and apply it to your Rustic interior design with a cloth. Gently, polish your best modern antique interior wood with this cloth and see its wonders.

3. Applying paste wax:

It is one of the traditional techniques used to protect and shine furniture by furniture designers in India. You need to apply it, and let it dry into a thin layer that protects your Antique house interior. It is one of the tested furniture design ideas you can never go wrong with.

4. Rubbing the surface with a soft cloth and cleaner:

It is to remember that Antique interior design and furniture are very intricate. They must be handled with a lot of care so you must choose an appropriate cleanser and use them to clean your Antique home interior designs. Always use a soft cloth for this purpose.

5. Regular cleaning/ Regular vacuuming:

Cleaning is a very vital step to keep your Modern Antique interior design in good shape. Also, after cleaning you must vacuum as said by furniture designers in India to make sure your space looks super tidy.

6. Using a Humidifier:

In India, there are variations in living conditions in different parts. Many places have a very dry environment. For them to keep their best Modern Antique interiors in shape, they must use a Humidifier. It provides moisture to the air so that the air does not absorb moisture from wooden furniture. It is also a scientifically proven furniture design idea to prevent cracks and permanent damages to your best Antique furniture.

7. Pest control:

Pests are a buzzkill! They can damage your Antique interior images and furniture to a great extent. So, you must regularly do some treatments in your spaces like Fumigation, Moisture control, Pest control, Polishing, and etcetera.


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