Trending Small Apartment Design Under 50 Square Meters


It is a wonder to know that an apartment in 50 square meter with good facilities. But it is real now.

The bathroom is attached with the master bedroom. Both places have enough space to equip all the modern facilities.

The bedroom is arranged with modern kind of furniture. It creates maximum storage space in a very less area. The wardrobes are attached to the wall. Both walls and shelves are in white color combination. It gives a brightened atmosphere inside.

The wardrobe consists of many opened and closed type of racks and cabins. They are arranged in a special manner to make sufficient space there.

Simple furniture and seating arrangements are used. The wall is decorated with modern art. Chandelier lamp is used for room lighting and a bed lamp is also provided. The cot is placed at the window side to ensure the beautiful outside view.

The bathroom will make you wonder because it is equipped with all modern facilities. White colored ceramic sinks are provided on the background of wood color tiled wall. A spacious bath tub is furnished to make the shower a wonderful experience.

Small racks are made near the bath tub for easily keeping of the shower items. A specially furnished dressing table and mirror are also available in the master bedroom.




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