28 feet by 60 feet Beautiful Home Plan


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General Details
Total Area : 1680 approximate Square Feet
Total Bedrooms :3
Type : Single Floor
Style :Trending MOdel


Ground Floor 
Number of Bedrooms : 3
Bathroom: 2
Living Room
Dining Room
Sit out
Car Porch

We are a home planners working with an aim to support people in building shelter for them. As a team of emerging talented youngsters as well as experienced professionals we always try to deliver something different and beyond of the mind of people. We are totally growth oriented and socially sustainable builders in the industry. By making a perfect combination of generic model of advanced design with a local and specific method we have made a new plan. Under this 28 feet 60 foot beautiful home plan home is to build in 1680 square feet. As we know that the cost depend on the materials, area, total employment cost, profit of dealer and many more, all these things make your home plans costly this is generally said by all most all builders but here you will not have to listen all these things. If you want to get affordable house plan then you will surely get home plan in lower cost and best part of our plan is that before working on your plan we will give you the whole estimate of building. After it we will not take any charge or cost so before taking any plan you can be sure about your budget.


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