30 feet by 60 Single Floor Modern Home Plan According to Vastu Shastra


Image Credit:SN Home Designs

1800 Square Feet Single Floor Modern Home Plan According to Vastu Shastra

A home which is one of the basic needs of every person.Today we are presented vastu type home plan and  dimensions 30 feet by 60  everyone will like.This north indian home plan includes living room,dining room,dree room,hall,pooja room,store room,kitchen,site out,car porch and two bedrooms with the combination of two bathrooms.This plan designed by  SN Home Designs

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General Details
Total Area : 1800 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms :2
Type : Single Floor
Style :North indians Model

Home Plan General Specifications

Two Bedroom Size : 196 square feet
Two Bathroom Size:49.4 square feet
Formal Living;69.6 Square feet
Dining Room:86.9 square feet
Dress:17.94 square feet
Kitchen;86.9 square feet
Pooja Room:19.78 square feet
Hall:409.6 square Feet:
DImension: 30 feet by 60(1800 square feet)
Car porch:222.6 square feet
Open Terrace:


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