Fantastic Modern Apartment Celebrates the Look of Natural Wood


Wooden designs are really surprise for eyes. Here we present some beautifully crafted wooden designs for the interior.

Here in this living room all the wardrobes and chairs are made of wood. Ceiling (See 15 Best ceiling Lights design Ideas Everyone Will Like) is decorated with wooden crafts. The pendent type lighting system is used here for more charm. The wooden carved pendants hanging from the wall stone make this interior really amazing.

Recessed and wall wash lighting systems are also used in this design. Interior plants are placed for a natural touch.

The dining tables and chairs are completely made of wood. They give a traditional touch for the dining area.

A special crafted television stand is also equipped. The TV is placed in the wooden arch. The seating cushion is colored in white and red. The teapoy is made of wood. The total appearance seems as traditional and outstanding.

The kitchen cabinets (See How to Build Kitchen Cabinets? Try These 10 Steps) are designed in brown wood. Separate cabins are provided for ovens and cooking range.

Look at the window shutter made of wood. The half opened window gives an excellent outside view through the classy touch of the wooden screen.

The ceiling has some special patterns with wood furnishing. Walls are designed with grey tone with decorations. Wooden crafted are placed on wall for beauty. The presence of interior plants make the room comfortable in the modern lighting system.



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