How to Make a Beautiful Courtyard Garden? Try These 6 Steps


Courtyard gardens can be the most beautiful space where a person can relax. Here, a person can grow a range of interesting and tendered plants. As the water availability is decreasing day by day, it is better to have a smaller courtyard gardens instead of lawns.

This is not only water saving but best to spend some quality time here. Here, you can get a comfort and do what you wish to do whether you like to meditate, do yoga or other things in a very limited space. Take these ideas to make the best and inexpensive courtyard:

Plantation Give Your Garden a Charm and Life

No doubt, plants give your courtyard a life and charm but when it comes to plantation in courtyard garden potted plants are most beneficial and effective for saving water. To give your garden an amazing look fills up your courtyard with lots of plats.

Include Water and Fire Elements

If you have bit more space to work, then you can think to include a water or fire element in your garden. You can go for small water fountain or small fire area without taking away from the amount of usable space. When you are in need of some peaceful moment, you can get this in your garden

Create a Focal Point for Great Look

Use a single specimen plant as the focal point of your garden and give it great look. Apart from the look, the plant will also provide shade and colour in the summer. Don’t think for the retention of a large tree as it will become only the star of the show

Make Everything Useable

To design your courtyard in the best possible way, it is compulsory that you are making everything usable and this thing suits the space. What we mean to say that include things in your garden that are useful for you and don’t fill it with unnecessary elements. For example, do as much lighting as your need to see after dark and so on.

Make it Simple for more Attraction

It is said that there is an ultimate attraction in simple thing. Make your courtyard in the same way don’t use more materials if you have small space. The reduced palette of materials and plantation can give your courtyards more beautiful look than a hunger collection of different materials.

Work on Priority Basis

Work smartly while creating your courtyard garden and first of all focus on those things that you can’t live without in your garden. Whatever you look compulsory, primary or secondary work on priority basis. If you think that tree is most important, than make space for the tree at first.

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