Courtyards and back yards can be made beautiful. It defines the neatness and tidiness of your home.

They can adorn with meadow grass and brick paved floor. Make a walking way with grey and cream colored bricks around your backyard and make a small lawn of flowers and grass for an added beauty. It will change the appearance of your home.

Placing a small water fountain at the grassy meadows also gives a cool effect for the garden. Use different colors of bricks in a proper arrangement for the floor. It would look like an amazing coir carpet on your backyard.

Place some bonsais and small fruit trees at meadows. Have a walk in the morning through the beautiful brick way to change your mood in to positive

Brick floor can be designs as per our ideas. It can be designed as a walk way, a small pool in the garden or as a fence of lawns.

If the brick walk way is extended up to the front gate create a blending of colors in between the fence wall and the brick path. It will add a colonial look to the entire courtyard.

In total making a brick path not only gives a beauty to your yard but also it protects your lawns and meadows from footprints and the special design of the bricks holds you shoes from slipping especially in rainy seasons.