Vastu House Map North Face 18 Feet by 27


vastu house map north face 18X27

Total Area : 486 square feet
Total Bedrooms : 2
Type : Vastu west Face map 18X27

This plan is well executed by YASH PAL.For further details contact the designer.

Some people say that vastu is a just a part of religion but the fact is that it is a science of setting the
things in correct way and balances the five elements that are Earth, fire, water, space and at last air
in order to have the maximum benefit out of life. In general words vastu is dwelling that is the home
for god and humans. If we talk about the basic of vastu that vastu shastra is based on various energies which come from atmosphere such as energy from Sun, lunar energy, thermal energy,magnetic energy and many more.
How to Build North Face House
This is said that direction north is ruled by Lord Kubera, a god of wealth. And that’s why North facing house are the first choice of people. If you are one of them than our vastu house map north face18X27 is very easy to fit all the vastu needs while planning a north facing house. If you plan your
house as per the tips then your house attract lot of abundance in wealth to the occupant.
As per the plan of vastu house map north face 18X27 and design your home how you want.


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