Vastu Map 27 feet by 30 Duplex House West Everyone Will like


This is true that many people do not know about the power of vastu and how it influences the house. But, we have prepared to offer free of cost sharing service. The environment plays an important role by taking this fact we are working to help people. And by observing the surrounding effects on any house we have prepared the vastu map 27×30 duplex house west plan, we are sure that this will help you.

Total Area : 810 square feet
Total Bedrooms : 2
Type : Vastu west Face map 27X30

This plan is well executed by YASH PAL.For further details contact the designer.

What Are the Important Vastu Tips for West House

According to the plan veranda is shown at northwest corner, you can use it as your office room or another bedroom. Kitchen has a stove platform and one kitchen stock area that are towards west direction. A common toilet can be built towards stair case. It you want to keep pooja room then you can make plan to build pooja room after kitchen can be placed at Northwest direction. For taking water storage there are many options. And septic tank, you can take it little more towards East direction or North or South as per your choice. So, if you are looking for vastu map 27×30 duplex house west kindly seek our advice and profit by it.



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