Best 2BHK Modern Home Plan Below 8 Lakhs


While building a house always choose it to make it best and match it to perfection. When it comes to two-bedroom houses construction plan, always go for compactness rather than occupying more space. Consider more height than its breadth. We can build internally more decorative rather than its outer appearance. We can construct two or bedroom house within this cheap and affordable construction home plan. People who consider going for rental or service cannot execute this plan out. It is of around 800 sq ft. The cost of this duplex home will be less than or equal to 8 lakhs. The building size is 20*28. The building plan is east facing. If we change the facing of the home, the plans and other parameters will get changed. Now we can have a look at the housing plan facing east.

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The entrance is at the northeast corner. If you come inside there is a hall of size 12- 18.5 sq.ft in size. The hall contains a square type staircase. Below the staircase the dining area is present. The size of the putty is 8 inches to 12 inches. Bedroom- 10.6*9.3

Toilet- 4.3*7.9, attached




Best 2BHK Modern Home Plan Below 8 Lakhs

Kitchen and dining have no wall in this style. So that it will look more spacious. Also, the lighting and air circulation will also be good. bedroom – south-west, standard size

First-floor bedroom similar to the ground floor

To make it more cost-effective we have added the front terrace. 


In order to settle on the most effective fashionable home plans, you ought to perpetually begin by researching subject style services and builders to envision what all offers. If you’re capable of obtaining referrals from a devotee or friend, contemplate that possibility once trying to find builders likewise. If not, it’s nothing to stress about. you’ll be able to still notice nice house styles and builders on your own. Once you’ve got found many home designers or builders that fit your tastes, you’ll be able to begin watching their costs. The budget that you simply have for one thing like new house construction goes to be additional rigid and play a bigger role than it’d in different purchases or comes that you simply take on.


Plan your budget consequently in order that you do not get your hopes too high or accept but you be. That is, arrange your budget supported what you’ll be able to afford. If a half-million-dollar house is in your dreams, ensure you’ll be able to finance it – visit your bourgeois and manager beforehand, therefore, you recognize what budget you’ll be able to realistically work with. fashionable home plans do not have to be overpriced, however, you certainly have to be compelled to think concerning your budget in order that you’ll be able to compare it to the styles that are offered and therefore the ideas that you simply have already got about the house that you simply wish.

Stylish house styles are without delay offered to simply concern anyone, and fashionable home plans provide one thing for almost about everybody. you wish to appear through the offered plans, compare them to your budget, and make sure that you’re operating with an honourable builder who can build the house that you simply wish. As long as you retain these items in mind, you may notice the perfect subject style company and house arrange for your new construction regardless of what you would like or what proportion you’ve got to pay.


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